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Understanding this Present Darkness Complete Series includes three books in one, with one purpose: to edify, enlighten, and encourage believers to both understand and overcome this present darkness.


This series includes: 


Part I: Awakening Our Faith

Awakening Our Faith is intended to inspire and stir the fires of faith in all who believe the Bible is the infallible word of God so that God can use them to shift atmospheres, change environments, claim territories, expose error and drive back the forces of sin, Satan and the world.


Part II: Transforming Our Minds

Transforming Our Minds is intended to provoke us to to give God our undivided attention, quiet our spirit, and surrender our thoughts. This book provides the steps to success on how to shift from worldly compromise and condemnation to a total transformation that liberates us to learn and walk in our rights and privileges as Kingdom citizens.


Part III: The High Cost of High Praise 

This book is written to open your heart to see and understand that praise is not merely personal or corporate and cultural sounds of thanksgiving to and adoration for God. Rather, praise is multifaceted, the melody of our deliverance, and is designed to birth encouragement.

Understanding This Present Darkness: 3 IN 1 Series

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