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Out of the heart of Dr. Phyllis Glascoe, PG Ministries was birthed to help women of every ethnicity be healed of brokenness and/or wounds of their past, victorious in facing challenges in their present and perfected to HAPPILY LIVE their future.  PG Ministries’ passion is to midwife and cultivate women, especially those in leadership, so that they will operate in the fullness of Christ Jesus while exposing and driving back the forces of sin, Satan and the world.  


Founder. Pioneer. Pastor.

Doctor Phyllis S. Glascoe, is a pioneer, visionary, pastor, preacher and teacher in God’s One Holy Universal and Apostolic Church. She is a General of the Faith and strategist that is persuaded that God’s blessings are LIMITLESS when the heart of God’s servant is convicted that salvation is PRICELESS.  She walks in the office of the Apostle and recognizes the mandate upon her life to uproot, cast down and drive back the forces of darkness while claiming regions and territories for the Kingdom of God.  She is persuaded that KINGDOM EXPANSION requires the work of unified and skilled hands.  

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